Partner Brands

Magna places paramount importance on the excellence and diversity embodied in its partner brands. We uphold an unwavering commitment to uncompromising quality and adherence to meticulous processes. Every product is crafted to meet international standards, reflecting our dedication to unparalleled excellence.

As articulated by our director, “Do not offer someone a product you wouldn’t embrace at home.” This principle is not just a saying; it’s a guiding philosophy we adhere to rigorously.

The Magna Premium brand is our core ‘own brand’. “If we put our name on it, it has to be nothing but the best”, words our director said before our first product. What this means for the food business and the consumer is that this brand can be trusted and will provide the best value for money, yield and quality available in the market.

Magna Premium – Algerienne Sauce 960ml

Magna Premium – Double Coated – 9.5mm – 4×2.25kg

Magna Premium – Double Coated – 7mm – 2.25kg

Magna Premium – Battered Nuggets – 6x1kg

Magna Premium – Chicken Goujons – 6x1kg

Magna Premium – Spicy Wedges – 9kg

Magna Premium – Hash Browns – 2.25kg

Magna Premium – Waffle Fries – 4×2.25kg

Magna Premium – Piri Piri Salt – 2kg

Magna Premium – FC0 Box

Carta emerged from the demand for a diverse range of packaging and water-related products. Evolving steadily, it has extended its reach across a substantial area of the country. Carta Water, now a familiar household item, has found its place in major cities, becoming an established part of daily life. For more information about Carta Water, you can visit

Carta Premium Water – 24x500ml

16” Pizza Box – (Brown) – 1x100pcs

12” Pizza Box – (Brown) – 1x100pcs

10” Pizza Box (Brown) – 1x100pcs

9” Pizza Box – (Brown) (UK) – 1x100pcs

8” Pizza Box – (Brown) – 1x100pcs

No. 2 – Lids – Poly Coated – 1x1000pcs

No. 2 – Foil Container – 1x1000pcs

No. 6A – Lids – Poly Coated – 1x500pcs

No. 6A – Foil Container – 1x500pcs

Introducing Kloud Touch, a brand with a mission to revolutionize the tissue market by disproving the notion that affordability equates to inferior quality. As pioneers in the industry, Kloud Touch crafts top-tier quality tissue-related products at reasonable prices. With an unwavering commitment to providing consumers with the softest, purest pulp products free from artificial bleaching agents, Kloud Touch ensures luxury in essentials every day. The brand maintains consistent quality across its range, where variations are limited to factors like sheet count or size, never compromising on layers or thickness. Kloud Touch stands as a testament to the belief that everyone deserves premium comfort without the exorbitant cost.

Kloud Touch – 4ply – Pocket Tissues – (9 Tissues)

Kloud Touch – 4ply Pocket Tissues – (9 Tissues)

Kloud Touch – 3ply – Toilet Rolls – (245 Sheets)

Kloud Touch – 3ply – Toilet rolls – (190 Sheets)

Kloud Touch – 3ply Box Tissues – (100 Sheets)

Kloud Touch – 2ply – Kitchen Towels – (100 Sheets)

Eden Harvest delves into the origins of food, tracing it back to its roots rather than merely its country of availability. By tapping into these origins, authenticity and the highest quality are guaranteed throughout the entire process, from harvesting to packaging. Operating on a global scale, Eden Harvest sources the finest ingredients from countries that have nurtured these elements since ancient times. The commitment lies in providing affordable, authentic food sourced directly from its origins, delivered to your doorstep.

Peach in Syrup – 12x425g

Red Kidney – 400g

Mixed Vegetables – 400g

Italian Chopped tomatoes – 400g

Italian whole peeled tomatoes – 400g

OptiPalm Oil- 12.5kg

Chickpeas – 400g

Baked Beans – 400g

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