More than just a foodservice company

From a new range of Burgers and Potato Fries, to Halloumi Cheese and delicious new Bastings. We have crafted and developed fantastic products with our suppliers to provide bespoke, unique food solutions at an affordable price

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Fresh & Frozen Poultry

Guaranteeing you the highest standards of 100% premium quality meats perfectly plump, chunky and delicious, so you can enjoy fresh or frozen chicken that has a succulent, juicy flavour & texture.

Burgers, Breads & Toppings

“The whole is only worth the sum of its parts.” In the case of our view of an esteemed burger, this is true. A burger, is reliant on quality beef and buns, is doubly good when the series of topping combinations come together as one. We will help complete your flavour profile with our quality range of traditional and luxurious Beef Burgers, Ultimate breading or buns that holds its form and kicking toppings!

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Bastings, Breadings & Marinades

At Magna, we understand that a piece of meat on its own doesn’t make a meal. You need accompaniments and sometimes a good marinade to bring flavour to the dish. Adding a simple marinade to your chicken will easily enhance the flavor, juiciness, and tenderness of your dish for the whole family to love and enjoy but it doesn’t end there, Why not use our breading and coating products to prepare crispy strips, hot wings, chicken burgers and salads topped with flaky, crispy chicken, coated with our range of premium mixes. Thanks to us you can serve perfectly crispy fried chicken.

Meat, Seafood & Vegetarian

We have studied countries and continents, to bring our customers the rarest and most exquisite range of products including premium prawns, sirloin steaks, beef strips, koftas, cod, and a variety of guilt free veg & vegan options.

Potatoes, Fries & Sachets

Magna will work in favour of customers, from a potato on a farm table, heavy attention to detail is permanently paid to ensure our valuable consumers enjoy the highest quality of products ranging from a variety of fries that are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside for a mouth-watering medley of texture and taste to creamy and desirable potato mash. Why not add a little zest to neutral tasting potato sides with our wide range of condiments sachets so that you can enjoy your favourites wherever you are. We have sauce sachets of all varieties, mayonnaise, piri-piri mayonnaise, mustard, BBQ, lemon juice and vinegar sachets, not to forget, salt, pepper and white/brown sugar sachets to make everything a whole lot more convenient for you.
All your condiments but in sachets – no refrigeration required – ideal for when travelling and/or commercial use in restaurants.


Oils sourced from the finest establishments from around the world. We never compromise on quality.

Pizza Products

Over the years we have put a huge amount of time and effort into finding and selecting premium quality pizza products we sell so that you don’t have to. We are passionate about superb quality, great tasting food so all of our products are carefully sourced with the many coming from small artisan producers from all over the world. Carefully sourced range that offers Pizza Flours, Sauces, Toppings, Dips – all made by renowned Italian suppliers from all over the globe. Another section featuring A grade quality pizza packaging. We understand that people sometimes find comfort with brands, so here you can find a mix of both the big name brands and those much less known that we stock because of their high quality – all at great prices.

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Cooking Essentials, Sides, Pulses & Sauces

At Magna, our core values are called Essential Ingredients. We’ll cover everything here, starting with the bare-minimum pantry ingredients that you’ll need including dry goods, canned goods, starches, sauces and those little extras that are nice to have on hand.

Drinks & Desserts

No meal is complete without a drink and a dessert. Magna is very aware of this fact and ensures the complete table can be served from within our stock range. From the top end Movenpick brand of ice creams to the multi layered carrot cakes Magna has you covered.

Only The Most Fresh Foods

We have introduced a great new range of vegetarian convenience products which you can now offer to your customers. Try them out!


“A big thank you to Magna as always, I received all the products on time, at the correct temperature and in perfect condition.”

“The best quality of chicken breasts and chicken wings I have ever sold at our food store are from Magna.”

“I wasn’t sure how I would start my restaurant but Magna provided everyhting from equipment suppliers to food preparation. I’m greatly indebted to them. They started off by helping me build a layout for my restaurant, followed by bringing in the correct equipment for my piri piri specialties and finshing with food tasting, menu preparation and recipe improvements. I am now in the process of planning for my next restaurant with Magna.”

“The quality of of my pizzas has changed after buying all my toppings and sauces from Magna foodservice. My business has improved and my customers have been providing lots of positive feedback”

“Being a national caterer, we need large volumes of catering supplies delivered all over the country and Magna is probably the only company that can supply us with kind of volumes we need at the speed we need it at.”